Saturday, April 20, 2013

Want to Bring in Consignment?

Please bring in your clothes! We are always looking for current styles (think purchased in the past three years or newer) in excellent condition. Vintage clothing may also be brought in. Please limit to 20 items. We look for seasonal pieces, so right now, it's all about lightweight sweaters, cute tops, ankle boots, spring jackets and in-style sandals.

Since we are buying for spring, we will pass on coats, heavy sweaters, and other wintery items.

We're always looking for cute, casual, everyday dresses, and of course, your favorite designers. Have jewelry or purses? Bring them in! Do you have something fabulous hanging in your closet that you've never worn? Bring it in and turn it into cash!


Please drop in with your clean, wrinkle-free pieces from 12:15-3:30 Sun-Fri. Can't make it in during those times? Simply call at 415-282-6955 and let us know you'll be stopping by. (In a small store like this, it's never a bad idea to call ahead!)


We will look through your pieces, and the items we select will be on the sales floor for 60 days. You will receive a sheet with descriptions of the items as well as a due date and donate date. Items not picked up will be donated. As a consignor, it is your responsibility to check back with us- will not notify you if an item sells, or when your due date has arrived. However, you can pick up the cash or check for an item as soon as it sells!

If the items don't sell, you have the choice to pick them up or have them donated. As a consignor, you'll receive 50% of the selling price.

Mary's Exchange offers a higher percentage of the selling price, and you will get more money overall than a buy-sell store. Since the item can be returned if it does not sell, it is low risk. We value your input on what to price items you paid a lot for (though Mary's Exchange will ultimately set price), and always try to reach a balance to make both the consignor and the shopper happy!